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Updated 16 May 2018: I was going to say that I got this release out sooner than anticipated, but it's been about four months. Though for me I guess that is sooner than anticipated, huh?

Added to this version:

  • A demo cutscene leading to a single-round Carmela vs Viviane match. Access this by selecting Story from the title screen.
  • Selectable AI difficulty level. There are now 5 AI fully-implemented AI levels, but I have other ideas in mind for how to improve them, so there will quite likely be more, though that depends on how many there end up being and how smart each one actually is compared to the others.
  • A tutorial covering the gameplay basics, namely the controls, end conditions, and attacking. Access this by selecting How to Play from the title screen. I'm unsure if I should have a more advanced tutorial sequence for what isn't talked about, so if you have any thoughts in that regard, feel free to let me know!

I still haven't really gotten to a good point where I can fit the special attack descriptions in the game proper, so if you need a refresher, see below.

Updated 3 January 2018: Half a year later, and a slightly more complete build is here! It's really starting to kinda look like a full game, doesn't it?

Changelog 16 January 2018:

  • Removed AI displaying debug information
  • Fixed a bug with AI involving the control status

This release adds:

  • A title screen and menu
  • Character selection
  • Special attacks for each character (which can be toggled on or off)
  • Animation for the game pieces
  • A (very simple) AI opponent


  • Carmela: Time Stop - Your opponent cannot move and no matches can be made
  • Viviane: Wash Away - All of your opponent's Master Cookies (5s) get replaced with regular cookies
  • Dr. Pamela: Reversal - The next attack your opponent makes against you is made against them instead
  • Rowan: Rude Hex - Matches that your opponent makes subtracts from their score instead
  • Zaina: Horizontal Bind - Your opponent cannot move left or right
  • Kendra: Divine Blessing - You will make two extra Master Cookies per match made
  • Avaline: Stack Split - Players' scores are averaged out
  • Tanith: Sabotage - Five random cookies on your opponent's board get burnt, hindering their ability to score

(Note: Most special attacks are temporary status effects. The exceptions are Viviane, Avaline, and Tanith, whose specials only happen once per attack)

Special thanks and shoutouts go to Jazzy for the icons on the character select screen! Be sure to show your support for her, too!

If you'd like to support me (Madelyn Parsons), please consider sharing my Ko-Fi and Patreon pages--and contribute to them, if you can!!

Original description (5 July 2017): Okay wow this is barely an alpha of this game. Functionally, it's a threadbare Yoshi's Cookie vs mode clone (Mario vs Mario) with no graphics, sound, menus, or AI-cotrolled opponent. But I'm quite certain that everything that's here is functional (that said, please let me know if you encouter any bugs)

In time, I hope to include the aforementioned missing features, a tutorial, a story campaign, and a selection of eight playable characters, each one with their own special attack that brings something new to the baking scene!

But that's gonna be for a while.


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